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ART-TOY-0813INT1   Art 101 Artist's Suite - 157 pc. Painting and Drawing Set
ART-HSW-CBS112   Art and Cook CBS112 4pc Green and Charcoal Gray Cutting Board and Knife set
ART-HSW-RT6109   Art and Cook RT6109 16in Green Serving Tray
ART-HSW-SR715   Art and Cook SR615 Charcoal Gray Spoon Rest
ART-HSW-SR615   Art and Cook SR615 Green Spoon Rest
ART-HSW-WB541   Art and Cook WB541 2.1qt Red Strainer
ART-HSW-WB631   Art and Cook WB631 5.3qt Green Strainer
ART-HSW-WB740   Art and Cook WB740 3.5qt Charcoal Gray Strainer
ART-HSW-WB741   Art and Cook WB741 2.1qt Charcoal Gray Strainer
AVE-HSW-8577   Avery Perforated Post Cards & Index Cards 8577
AVE-HSW-76006   Avery Sheet Protector - Clear, Top Load, Acid Free - 250 Pack
BAK-HSW-1089108   Bakers Secret 1089108 Non-Stick Cook 'n Carry Pan
BAT-LCK-1XRV5   Battalion Heavy Duty Keyed Padlock
BES-HSW-718421   Best-Step 718421 Interlocking Microban Floor Mats (8 pack)
BIR-HSW-5088   Bird Rock Quick Fix 1000 Household Hardware Kit
BKD-ACC-588808_01   Black & Decker Circular Saw Laser Guide
BMX-MSC-BM80721   Blackmax BM80721 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
BOS-KIT-BAT411_2   Bosch BAT411 10.8-12v Lithium Ion Battery 2pk
BOS-BAT-BAT413   Bosch BAT413 10.8 - 12v 1.5ah Lithium Ion Battery
BOS-BAT-BAT414   Bosch BAT414 12v Lithium Ion Battery
BOS-CHG-BC330   Bosch BC330 12V Li-Ion Battery Charger
BOS-DRL-DDS181   Bosch DDS181 18V 1/2in Li-Ion Drill Driver
BOS-IMP-IDS181   Bosch IDS181 18V 1/4in Hex Drive Impact Driver
BOS-DRL-PS31   Bosch PS31 10.8 - 12V Lithium Ion 3/8" Drill Driver
BOS-IMP-PS41   Bosch PS41 10.8 - 12V Lithium Ion 1/4" Impact Driver
CAQ-CHG-CBC2005   CARQUEST CBC2005 12V Automotive Battery Charger
CAQ-ACC-CQPC12   CARQUEST CQPC12 12pc. Professional Punch and Chisel Set
CHI-HSW-1071037   Chicago Cutlery 1071037 4pc Scissor Set w/ Wood Block
CHI-HSW-1094293   Chicago Cutlery 1094293 Deluxe Black Shears
CHI-HSW-1094294   Chicago Cutlery 1094294 Deluxe Blue Shears
CHI-HSW-1094295   Chicago Cutlery 1094295 Deluxe Red Shears
CHI-HSW-1095154   Chicago Cutlery 1095154 Stainless Steel Shears
CHI-HSW-1095155   Chicago Cutlery 1095155 Black Basic Shears
CHI-HSW-1106276   Chicago Cutlery 1106276 Belmont 16pc. Block Knife Set
CHI-HSW-1116172   Chicago Cutlery 1116172 Deluxe Blueberry Shears
CHI-HSW-1116175   Chicago Cutlery 1116175 Very Berry Shears
CHI-HSW-1116177   Chicago Cutlery 1116177 Blue Frosting Shears
CHI-HSW-1116427   Chicago Cutlery 1116427 Deluxe Mint-Leaf Shears
CHI-HSW-1107567   Chicago Cutlery 14pc. KINZIE Colors Knife and Block Set - Orange
CHI-HSW-49115   Chicago Cutlery Basics 15pc Knife Set
CHI-HSW-1043898   Chicago Cutlery Basics Steak house 4pc Knife Set
CHI-HSW-1067823   Chicago Cutlery Insignia 18pc Steel Knife Set
CHI-HSW-1064159   Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan 5pc Prep Knife Set
CHI-HSW-1047348   Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan 8pc Knife Set With Block
CHI-HSW-1111953   Chicago Cutlery VIVID 5pc Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
CHI-HSW-B144   Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 4pc Steak Knife Set
FREE-GIFT-CHI-HSW-B144   Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 4pc Steak Knife Set
COL-HSW-2000010637   Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch
CRN-HSW-A_423C_BF   Corningware Stove-top 4pc Pyroceram Blue Cornflower Casserole Set
CRF-BAT-71_74299   Craftsman 71.74299 18V Convertible Cordless Battery
CRF-HGT-71_74290   Craftsman 74290 18V Convertible Cordless Trimmer Attachment
CRF-CPH-74291   Craftsman 74291 18V Convertible Cordless Power Handle Tool
CRF-CPH-71_74291   Craftsman 74291 18V Convertible Cordless Power Handle Tool Kit
CRF-AMB-918175   Craftsman 918175 16 Gauge Pneumatic Finish Nailer Kit
DEW-BAG-18INCH   Dewalt 18" Medium Tool Bag
DEW-CAS-RECIPROCATING   Dewalt 18V Reciprocating Saw Case
DEW-ACC-Safety_Glass   Dewalt Clear Polycarbonate Safety Glasses
DEW-ROH-D25223K   Dewalt D25223K 1in SDS Rotary Hammer Drill
DEW-RCS-DC385   Dewalt DC385 18V Reciprocating Saw
DEW-KIT-DC720_DW938   Dewalt DC720 18V 1/2" Compact Drill & One DW938 Recip. Saw
DEW-KIT-DC720_DC9096_2   Dewalt DC720 18V 1/2" Drill Driver & Two DC9096 XRP Batteries
DEW-DRL-DC720   Dewalt DC720 18V 1/2" Drill Driver - Bare Tool
DEW-AMB-DC720KA   Dewalt DC720KA 18V 1/2" Drill/Driver Tool Kit
DEW-DRL-DC730   Dewalt DC730 14.4V 1/2" NiCad Drill Driver - Bare Tool
DEW-DRL-DC759   Dewalt DC759 18V 1/2" Compact Drill Driver - Bare Tool
DEW-AMB-DC759KA   Dewalt DC759KA 18V 1/2" Drill Driver Tool Kit
DEW-IMP-DC825   Dewalt DC825 18V 1/4" Impact Driver - Bare Tool
DEW-KIT-DC825_2   Dewalt DC825 18V 1/4" Impact Driver 2pk - Bare Tool
DEW-KIT-DC825_4   Dewalt DC825 18V 1/4" Impact Driver 4pk - Bare Tool
DEW-BAT-DC9091   Dewalt DC9091 14.4V XRP 2.4ah NiCad Battery
DEW-KIT-DC9096_2   Dewalt DC9096 18V 2.4ah Batteries 2pk
DEW-BAT-DC9096   Dewalt DC9096 18V 2.4ah XRP NiCad Battery
DEW-BAT-DC9098   Dewalt DC9098 18V 1.2ah NiCad Battery
DEW-KIT-DC9098_2   Dewalt DC9098 18V 1.2ah NiCad Battery 2PK
DEW-BAT-DC9099   Dewalt DC9099 18V 1.7ah Low Profile Battery
DEW-KIT-DC9099_2   Dewalt DC9099 18V 1.7ah Low Profile Battery 2PK
DEW-BAT-DC9181   Dewalt DC9181 18V 1.1ah Compact Lithium Ion Battery
DEW-CHG-DC9310   Dewalt DC9310 7.2-18v Dual Chemistry Charger
DEW-CHG-DC9320   Dewalt DC9320 7.2-18V NiCad/NiMH/ Lithium Ion Charger
DEW-AMB-DC9320BP   Dewalt DC9320BP 7.2-18V Dual Chemistry Charger & 18V DC9096 Battery
DEW-AMB-DC940KA   Dewalt DC940KA 12V 1/2" XRP Drill Driver Cordless Tool Kit
DEW-DRL-DC970   Dewalt DC970 18V 1/2" Cordless Drill Driver - Bare Tool
DEW-BAT-DCB120   Dewalt DCB120 12v 1.5ah Max Lithium Ion Battery
DEW-BAT-DCB201   Dewalt DCB201 20v 1.5ah Max Lithium Ion Battery
DEW-BAT-DCB203   Dewalt DCB203 20v 2.0ah Max Lithium Ion Battery
DEW-DRL-DCD780   Dewalt DCD780 20V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Drill - Bare Tool
DEW-HDR-DCD950   Dewalt DCD950 18V XRP 1/2" Hammer Drill - Bare Tool
DEW-HMR-DCD970   Dewalt DCD970 18V XRP 1/2" Hammer Drill - Bare Tool
DEW-AMB-DCF680N1   Dewalt DCF680N1 8V Lithium Ion Gyroscopic Screwdriver Tool Kit
DEW-CAS-StraitHan   Dewalt Drill Case-DC759, DC720, DCF760
DEW-ACC-DW2162   Dewalt DW2162 29pc Screwdriver Nut Driver Set
DEW-MSC-DW2175HD-RT   Dewalt DW2175HD 50pc Contractors Bit Set
DEW-MSC-DW2177HD-RT   Dewalt DW2177HD 47pc Combination Bit Set
DEW-ACC-DW2189HD   Dewalt DW2189HD 72pc Professional Drill Bit Set
DEW-ACC-DW2504   Dewalt DW2504 27pc Rapid Load Screw driving Accessory Kit
DEW-KIT-DW9057_2   Dewalt DW9057 7.2V NiCad 1.3ah Batteries 2PK
DEW-BAT-DW9057   Dewalt DW9057 7.2V NiCad 1.3ah Battery
DEW-FLS-DW908   Dewalt DW908 18V Work Light Flashlight - Bare Tool
DEW-KIT-DW908_2   Dewalt DW908 18V Work Light Flashlight 2pk - Bare Tool
DEW-BAT-DW9094   Dewalt DW9094 14.4V NiCad 1.3ah Battery
DEW-SCD-DW920   Dewalt DW920 7.2V Screwdriver Drill - Bare Tool
DEW-CHG-DW9226   Dewalt DW9226 7.2V - 18V NiCad Battery Charger
DEW-RCS-DW938   Dewalt DW938 18V Reciprocating Saw - Bare Tool
DEW-AMB-DW967K   Dewalt DW967K Heavy Duty 9.6V Impact Driver Tool Kit
DUA-AMB-CS450   DUALSAW CS450 All Purpose Corded Circular Saw
DUA-RCS-RS1000   DUALSAW RS1000 18in Dual Blade Reciprocating Saw
GEN-MSC-GP15000E   GENERAC GP15000E GP Series Electric Portable Generator
GEN-MSC-GP17500E   GENERAC GP17500E GP Series Electric Portable Generator
GEN-MSC-GP3250   GENERAC GP3250 GP Series Portable Generator
GEN-MSC-GP5500   GENERAC GP5500 GP Series Portable Generator
GNE-ACC-GN25419   Great Neck / OEM 5pc. L Type Hex Keys
FREE-GIFT-GNE-ACC-GN25974   Great Neck 12pc. Star Bit Set 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2"
GNE-ACC-GN25974   Great Neck 12pc. Star Bit Set 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2"
GNE-WCH-92053B-RT   Great Neck 20pc. Combination Wrench Set
GNE-WRC-GNFN03   Great Neck GNFN03 Standard 3pc 3/8" - 11/16" Flare Nut Wrench Set
GNE-WRC-GNFNM4   Great Neck GNFNM4 Metric 4pc 10-18mm Flare Nut Set
GNE-AMB-80134   Great Neck Rotary Tool
GBW-HSW-NICM956S8   Grime Boss Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes
REVIEWS   HeltonTool Reviews
HIL-FLS-SFL12_15-RT   Hilti SFL12/15 Flashlight Torch Work Light - Bare Tool
HIL-FLS-SFL144_A-RT   Hilti SFL144-A 14.4V Li-Ion 2.6ah Torch Flashlight - Bare Tool
HIT-BAT-BSL1815X   Hitachi BSL1815X 18V Li-Ion 1.5ah Battery
HIT-FLS-UB10DL   Hitachi UB10DL 10.8-12V Li-Ion Flashlight - Bare Tool
HIT-ACC-115005   Hitachi 115005 Rotary Tool Accessory Kit
HIT-BAT-BCL1015   Hitachi BCL1015 Lithium 10.8 - 12V Max Battery
HIT-BAT-BCL1815   Hitachi BCL1815 18V 1.5ah Lithium Battery
HIT-BAT-BSL1415   Hitachi BSL1415 14.4V 1.5ah Li-Ion Battery
HIT-KIT-UC3SFL_EBM315   Hitachi Bundle UC3SFL 3.6V Charger & EBM315 3.6V Battery
HIT-AMB-DB3DL2   Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6V 1.5ah Lithium Ion Screwdriver Kit
HIT-DRL-DS10DFL   Hitachi DS10DFL 10.8-12V Li-ion 3/8" Cordless Drill - Bare Tool
HIT-DRL-DS12DVF3   Hitachi DS12DVF3 12V 3/8" Drill Driver - Bare Tool
HIT-DRL-DS14DVF3   Hitachi DS14DVF3 14.4V NiCad 3/8" Cordless Drill Driver - Bare Tool
HIT-AMB-DS18DFL   Hitachi DS18DFL 18V 1/2" Lithium Ion Drill Kit
HIT-DRL-DS18DSAL   Hitachi DS18DSAL 18V Lithium ion 1/2" Drill Driver - Bare Tool
HIT-DRL-DS18DVF3   Hitachi DS18DVF3 18v 1/2in Drill Driver - Bare Tool
HIT-AMB-DS18DVF3   Hitachi DS18DVF3 18V Cordless Drill with Flashlight Tool KIT
HIT-BAT-EB1214S   Hitachi EB1214S 12V NiCad 1.4ah Battery
HIT-BAT-EB1814SL   Hitachi EB1814SL 18V NiCad 1.4ah Battery
HIT-BAT-EBM315   Hitachi EBM315 3.6V 1.5ah Li-Ion Battery
HIT-FLS-UB18DAL   Hitachi Flashlight 14.4-18V Li-Ion-UB18DAL
HIT-FLS-UB12D   Hitachi UB12D Flashlight 9.6 - 12V With Pivoting Head - Bare Tool
HIT-FLS-UB18D   Hitachi UB18D 14.4v-18v Flashlight - Bare Tool
HIT-KIT-UB18D_2   Hitachi UB18D 14.4v-18v Flashlight 2pk - Bare Tool
HIT-KIT-UB18DAL_2   Hitachi UB18DAL 14.4-18V Li-Ion Flashlight 2pk - Bare Tool
HIT-CHG-UC10SFL   Hitachi UC10SFL 10.8 - 12V Lithium Ion Battery Charger
HIT-KIT-BCL1015_UC10SFL   Hitachi UC10SFL 10.8-12V Charger & One BCL1015 10.8-12V Li-Ion Battery
HIT-CHG-UC18YG   Hitachi UC18YG 7.2-18v NiCad Battery Charger
HIT-CHG-UC18YGSL   Hitachi UC18YGSL 14.4 - 18V Li-Ion Battery Charger
HIT-CHG-UC3SFL   Hitachi UC3SFL 3.6V Li-Ion Battery Charger
HIT-IMP-WH10DFL   Hitachi WH10DFL 10.8V - 12V 1/4in Impact Driver - Bare Tool
HIT-IMP-WH12DAF2   Hitachi WH12DAF2 Cordless 1/4" Impact Driver - Bare Tool
HIT-IMP-WH14DL   Hitachi WH14DL 14.4V 1/4" Lithium Ion Impact Driver - Bare Tool
HIT-IMP-WH18DBDL   Hitachi WH18DBDL 18V Impact Driver - Bare Tool
HVR-VAC-UH72405   Hoover UH72405 Air Steerable Bagless Vacuum
708115K   Jet 14" Closed Stand Band saw, 1HP, 1Ph, 115/230V
708620B   Jet AFS-1000B, 1000 CFM Air Filtration System, with Remote Control
708615   Jet AFS-2000, 1700CFM Air Filtration System with Remote Control
710116K   Jet JWBS-14DXPRO, 14" Deluxe Pro Band saw Kit 710116K
710751B   Jet JWBS-18QT-3, 18" Band saw with Quick Tension, 3HP, 1Ph
1791330   Jet PM1200 Air Filtration System
1791800   Jet PM1800, 18" Band saw, 5HP 1PH 230V
1791216K   Jet PWBS-14CS, POW 14" WW Band saw w. stand (2Pc Unit)
JSL-40-6080   Johnson Level 10.5" Digital Magnetic Laser Level
JSL-40-6004   Johnson Level 130' Laser Distance Measure
JSL-40-6316   Johnson Level 16 ft. Fiberglass Grade Rod w/carrying case
JSL-40-6001   Johnson Level 165' Laser Distance Measure
JSL-1811-0200   Johnson Level 200' Big J Geared Nylon Clad Steel Tape
JSL-40-6065   Johnson Level 21" Digital Magnetic Level & Angle Locator w/ Dot Laser
JSL-40-6900   Johnson Level 22X Builder's Level
JSL-40-6902   Johnson Level 22X Builder's Level System
JSL-40-6910   Johnson Level 22X Builder's Transit Level
JSL-40-6912   Johnson Level 22X Builder's Transit Level System
JSL-40-6005   Johnson Level 230' Laser Distance Measure
JSL-IB24   Johnson Level 24" Bamboo Aluminum I-Beam Level - 6 Vial
JSL-524   Johnson Level 24" Brass Bound Mahogany Level - 6 Vial
JSL-40-6325   Johnson Level 25 ft. Fiberglass Grade Rod w/carrying case
JSL-40-6926   Johnson Level 26X Automatic Level
JSL-40-6928   Johnson Level 26X Automatic Level System
JSL-40-6028   Johnson Level 28" Digital Box Level with Rotating Display
JSL-40-6184   Johnson Level 3-Beam Magnetic Torpedo Laser Dot
JSL-40-6960   Johnson Level 30X Automatic Level
JSL-40-6961   Johnson Level 30X Automatic Level System
JSL-40-6962   Johnson Level 32X Automatic Level
JSL-40-6963   Johnson Level 32X Automatic Level System
JSL-536   Johnson Level 36" Brass Bound Mahogany Level - 6 Vial
JSL-IB48   Johnson Level 48" Bamboo Aluminum I-Beam Level - 6 Vial
JSL-548   Johnson Level 48" Brass Bound Mahogany Level - 6 Vial
JSL-40-6048   Johnson Level 48" Digital Box Level with Rotating Display
JSL-1600-4800   Johnson Level 48" Eco-Tech Bamboo Level - 6 Vial
JSL-1601-4800   Johnson Level 48" Eco-Tech Bamboo Level with Block Vials
JSL-9548-HH   Johnson Level 48" Magnetic Aluminum Box Beam Level - 3 Vial
JSL-1708-4800   Johnson Level 48" Magnetic Glo-View Aluminum Box Level - 3 Vial
JSL-40-6327   Johnson Level 5 Meter Metric Aluminum Grade Rod
JSL-40-6060   Johnson Level 6" Magnetic Digital Level
JSL-40-6228   Johnson Level 70 Degree Fan Angle Line Generator Lens for Dot Laser
JSL-9872-HH   Johnson Level 72" Aluminum Box Beam Level with Hand Holes - 3 Vial
JSL-1707-7200   Johnson Level 72" Glo-View Heavy Duty Aluminum Box Level - 3 Vial
JSL-IB72   Johnson Level 72" Hardwood Aluminum I-Beam Level - 8 Vial
JSL-1203-7200   Johnson Level 72" Jobsite Aluminum Level - 5 Vial

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