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At, we offer our customers a number of high
quality Rockwell power tools and accessories to tackle any project. Rockwell
Tools has had a long and storied history. Tracing their roots back to Delta
Specialty Company, Rockwell Tools actually invented the world’s first power
miter saw in 1966. Since that time, Rockwell has changed ownerships a few
times, and re-emerged, in 2005 with a new line of handheld power tools under
power tools powerhouse, Positec. Rockwell has a long heritage of manufacturing
quality power tools, and the company now continues to manufacture cutting-edge
products under the Rockwell name that DIYers and tradesmen have trusted for

Although many of the company’s power tools are touted for
their quality and value, Rockwell’s cordless tools, including drill drivers and
impacts, are highly praised for their light weight, dependability, power and
runtime. The cordless power tools are also compact, making them easier to
manage and ideal for the around-the-house handyman. That said, although many of
Rockwell’s power tools are smaller, they provide the power and runtime that can
rival much larger power tools.

Along with their cordless power tools, Rockwell also
manufactures excellent oscillating tools, sanders and saws. Rockwell
workstations are also immensely popular. Rockwell’s modern power tools aren’t
the same outdated tools you’d find in high school shop classes. Pulling from
their years of experience and know-how, Rockwell Tools’ modern products are
ideal for the home garage but tough enough for the worksite. If you have any
questions regarding our line of Rockwell products, please contact one of our
knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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