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Ideal for both the amateur DIY homeowner looking to tackle home improvement projects, as well as the serious handyman searching for a useful addition to his tool collection, the Dualsaw is an innovative, multi-use saw that continues to grow in popularity. Featuring patented counter-rotating technology, the Dualsaw is equipped with two blades that simultaneously rotate in opposite directions, allowing users to cut through almost any material without changing blades. In addition, the Dualsaws’s innovative design and precession engineering allows users to plunge cut without first making a pilot hole.

In addition to its cutting ability, the Dualsaw provides double traction, and inverted rotation moves the blades at the same pace, which eliminates kickback, sparks and vibrations that are common in most saws. The Dualsaw also uses a dual ball-bearing system that surrounds the gears, reducing friction and transferring almost all motor energy to the blades, providing approximately 20 percent increase in cutting power. The Dualsaw includes tungsten-carbide blades to easily cut through wood, plastic and metal. Due to the saw’s advanced design, a diamond blade (sold separately) will offer the versatility of a wet saw, allowing the Dualsaw to cut through masonry, stone and tile.

Along with the versatility and power the Dualsaw offers, the saw’s design also conserves blades. The counter-rotating blade system allows you to reuse blades by reversing them, essentially doubling blade life and cutting capacity. At, we are excited to offer our customers the innovative Dualsaw. Whether you are a DIY homeowner with multiple projects you’d like to tackle or a professional tradesman, the Dualsaw is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment. To offer additional value, we also provide free, prompt shipping of the Dualsaw to the Lower 48 states.

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