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Dewalt DW9116 7.2-18V Charger
Dewalt DW9116 7.2 - 18V Battery Charger
Our Price: $34.90


The DW9116 battery charger charges all Dewalt 7.2V-18V pod style batteries (except Univolt batteries) so users need only one charger for multiple cordless products. Charges the battery in 1 hour or less.
Dewalt DCB107 12 - 20V Li-Ion Battery Charger
Dewalt DCB107 12 - 20V Li-Ion Charger
Our Price: $35.90

This Dewalt 12 to 20-volt charger will charge Li-Ion, slide style batteries in just 90-minutes and with the LED indicator light, users' will know exactly when their battery is ready to use.
Dewalt DCB112 Li-Ion Charger
Dewalt DCB112 12V - 20V Max Li-Ion Charger
Our Price: $38.90

This Dewalt DCB112 12V - 20V Max Li-Ion Charger is compatible with various 12V - 20V Dewalt batteries, and charges in an hour or less.
Reconditioned Dewalt 7.2v - 14.4v Drill Battery Charger DW9118 replaces Dewalt charger DW9107
Dewalt DW9118 7.2 - 14.4V Battery Charger - Reconditioned
Our Price: $38.97

This Dewalt DW9118 reconditioned 7.2V-14.4V NiCd Battery Charger is a powerful yet compact charger that will get the job done in an hour or less.
Dewalt DW9226 battery charger
Dewalt DW9226 7.2V - 18V NiCad Battery Charger
Our Price: $39.90

The Dewalt DW9226 NiCd charger features 3- stage technology which increases battery life and creates optimal run time. This Dewalt battery charger is compatible with all pod style 7.2V - 18V NiCd batteries.
Dewalt DW9116 7.2-18V Charger - 2 Pack
Dewalt DW9116 7.2 - 18V Battery Charger - 2 Pack
Our Price: $65.90

The Dewalt DW9116 7.2V to 18V Battery Charger can handle all Dewalt pod-style, NiCd batteries that match those voltages.
Dewalt DW9116 7.2-18V Charger - 10 Pack
Dewalt DW9116 7.2 - 18V NiCd Battery Charger - 10 Pack
Our Price: $319.90
Out of stock

The Dewalt DW9116 7.2V-18V Ni-Cd 1-Hour Battery Charger can accommodate all Dewalt pod-style, Ni-Cd batteries that match those voltages. No matter the number of batteries there are between you and your crew, this 10-pack of DW9116 chargers is all you’ll need to refuel them. Featuring a 5-sequence LED light that communicates charge status to users, these chargers won’t keep users guessing. The charger indicates whether the battery is charged, charging, if there’s a hot/cold delay, if it’s time to replace the pack, and if there’s a problem with the powerline.

This unit charges batteries in an hour or less, features an automatic Tune Up Mode to improve battery life, and it is compatible with the full line of Dewalt NiCd 18V pod-style batteries (except Univolt batteries). These handy chargers are small enough to plug in beneath a work bench, bring on the job, and store nearly anywhere. These convenient, fast-charging DW9116 chargers offer exactly what you and your crew need to keep running at full speed without interruptions. With ten chargers, users will be able to charge even more batteries at a time.

DeWalt battery chargers are a must-have if you’re using cordless DeWalt tools on your job site. At HeltonTool, we carry a variety of these powerful chargers for NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries, and they’re all listed at extremely affordable prices so that you can get exactly what you need without breaking your budget. You’ll find several models in our selection, including the DeWalt DW9226 and the DeWalt DC9310, which are some of our hottest sellers.

Because it’s our mission to provide you with a great selection at remarkable prices, you’ll find that each DeWalt battery charger in our collection is competitively priced. We know that you need these chargers on the job so you can get as much done as possible; they’re ideal for bringing to a job site so that your crew can stay busy all day. At HeltonTool, we also offer free shipping to the lower 48 states, so you’ll save even more money when you shop here.

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